• 1.Profiles
    Questions about how to use the profiles on TTF.
  • How do I change or add onto my Profile?
    Keith W Sears20-09-2015

    The Profile section of TTF can be a little hard to find. if you don't know where to look. So, we'll start off with how to find your Profile:Profile Link

    1.) Log into the site under the username you wish to change.

    2.) Click on your name in the login box. (Follow the red arrow.) And you will be taken straight to your Profile!

    3.) Click on Edit. (Follow the red arrow once again.)

    4.) Make your changes.Profile Arrow 02

    5.) Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

  • If I add my content to your media or writing galleries, who owns the copyright?
    TTF Admin Keith W Sears13-12-2015

    You do! TabletopFreelance.com and Keith W. Sears will never claim ownership of your content.

  • 2.Security
    Information about the security features of the site.
  • I'm Locked Out! What do I do?
    TTF Admin Keith W Sears02-09-2016

    If you try your password 5 times and it isn't correct, the TTF site will lock you out. However, the lock only lasts for one hour. The lock is there to keep out computers that are trying to break into your account.

  • I'm an artist, and I don't want someone stealing my stuff from your site. How are you preventing that?
    TTF Admin Keith W Sears02-09-2016

    The right-click function has been disabled on TTF. That makes it difficult to download or copy a picture from the site. It also isn't possible to HotLink a picture to show on another site.

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