Basic Info





Games Experience

Games Experience

7th Sea, 2nd Edition

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition


Call of Cthulhu

Changeling: the Lost

Chaos 6010


Dungeons and Dragons, 3rd Edition

Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition

Fading Suns

Heavy Gear


Jovian Chronicles

Little Fears




Obsidian: Age of Judgment

Palladium Fantasy



Savage Worlds


Star Wars, Saga Edition

Vampire: the Masquerade

Vampire: the Requiem

Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Werewolf: the Forsaken


(and many others that were either homebrew systems or obscure games that I’ve long forgotten)

Work Experience

Work Experience

Written Works:

3rd Edition (3 products) –

“Lair of the Spider”, “The Fallen Tavern”, “The Curse of Hallas Reach”.


5th Edition (9 products)–

“Wanted”, “Into the Wild”, “Wilderness Encounters”, “Random Urban Encounters”, “Bloodlines of Darkness: Sorcerous Origins”, “Bloodfang Caves”, “A Collection of Creatures”, “A Collection of Poisons”.


“Plants and Fungi of the Realms”


Savage Worlds –

“Trouble in Valderheim”


Chaos 6010 –

“Urban Encounters”


“Chaos Contracts: Tides of Sin”


The Realm of Bethica –

“The Horde of Half-Tower”

“Rough Tides”


Dystopia Rising LARP

41 Modules written from September 2017 to current


Layout and Graphic Design (in addition to the above) – 

“Tampete” by Game Designers Workshop


“Reign” by Garage Games


“Prototype Box” for Indie Game Alliance


“Character Sheet” for Mazes & Perils by Moebius Adventures


“Character Sheet” for Rogue Blade Games


“Character Sheet” for Helheim Unbound


“Character Sheet” for ‘Spy’ by Polyhedral Knights


“Encrypted Message Card Back” for Truly Epic Games


“SysHack Rulebook Layout” for Truly Epic Games


“TLDR Game Series Logo”


Cartography (in addition to the above) –

“A Dozen Maps”


“The Village of Darganford”


“Generic Cave Maps”, “Generic Grimdark Sci Fi Tile Set”, “Generic Dungeon Rooms and Bits”, “Generic Dungeon Maps”, “Generic Wasteland Maps”, “Generic Forest Maps”, “Generic Dungeon Maps 2” for Roll20


“Map of Haven” for Arcanum Syndicate

“Planets” for Cosmic Games LLC

“Sunrider City Map” for Will Power Games LLC

“Star System Map” for Evil Robot Games

“Infernum Star Map” for Evil Robot Games

“Gor Tiled Map” for Postmortem Studios

“Star Map of Known Systems” for Galaxy Incorporated by Drunken Dwarf Designs

“Chicago Map” for Rogue Blade Games

“Dragon Galaxy Map” for Battleforce Chronicles