TTF is Now a Free Service! Game Professionals Needed!

TTF Black LogoI didn’t think I could do it. TTF is now a free service.

Today, I found out that I could remove the subscriptions from the site’s members and cancel their recurring payments from paypal. So, I have done exactly that and removed the paid subscription plug-in I had been using. I had previously thought that only the members could do that, so I made a big fuss in order to make sure no one was inadvertently charged for the service.

Can I Still Use the Site?

Yes! Everyone’s log-ins have been preserved. So, if you signed up before TTF became a free service, you shouldn’t have any problem getting in.

I’m New! Can I Use Your Site?

Yes you can! TTF is a gateway to help Tabletop Game Industry freelancers find work! So if that is what you are looking for, you are more than welcome. The Jobs section has been opened up to be used by anyone signed up to the site. You can set up a profile and add writings and art into your personal gallery.


Your Online Presence Checklist

default_userHave you ever tried Googling your company name, and it doesn’t show up at all? Then you have a huge hole in your Online Presence. The internet is an ocean of information, and how are your customers going to find you if You can’t find You? has a new Resource to help you with your Online Presence! This downloadable checklist in PDF will help you find and fill in those holes so that your customers can find you an enjoy your products.